Through continuous updating, E-platon will expand and enhance the validity of outcomes. E-platon will enhance food business in extroversion efforts by providing a documented communication tool with their B2B customers, a modern and reliable information-sharing tool with a standardized image. E-platon platform has the potential to become an internationally renowned R & D portal.

Via E-platon, the food industry will acquire an interpretation tool for the laboratory findings in order to comply with HACCP, ISO and food testing requirements.  It will properly and continuously update the hygiene and safety of its products and the related safety management systems.

The E-platon tool seeks to assess the timing process of food quality characteristics. The documented lifetime estimation is required for the completeness of the description of each food within the HACCP security system. The estimation of the shelf life of the foodstuffs is carried out in accordance with the current food legislation, under controlled, normal or accelerated, storage conditions, by assessing their quality characteristics